who the fuck was I talking about here????

"You're not the strong person you've built yourself to be. You're vulnerable and you cry. You confuse fucking with caring. You build walls, decorated with what you think we want to see. Your outward appearance betrays you vulnerability. It's weak, and infuriating"

so this was some saved text I had from 2011...????

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Random Joy

1. If you had been married for a long time (say 15+ years) and your spouse had a brief, meaningless affair, would you want to know about it? Why or why not? Yes, so I could divorce him. Affairs are a breach of trust and unforgivable
2. What's something that you consider too serious to be joked about? Nothing really. If you can't joke about things, life just becomes too serious
3. What's one reason some people don't get along with you? I don't know. I'm kinda awesome
4. If you were an evil dictator, where would you want to rule? Germany or Ireland 'cause I want to live there.
5. What is the best excuse you've given when wanting to get off the phone with someone? I've got to go I'm leaving.